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1901 - 1950

The Spokane Tennis Club, predecessor to the Spokane Racquet Club, was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in September of 1950, though their unofficial activity and involvement in Spokane tennis dates back as far as 1901. With no tennis courts of their own, members played at city parks and hosted events and tournaments for the community.

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1960 - Land Search

In 1960, the search for their own space to play began, and 8.95 acres were purchased for $14,500.

1961 - Land Acquired

In May of 1961, 35 families agreed to pay $300 for the membership and construction of private courts.

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First Courts

A mortgage was signed, two concrete courts were poured, and the Club's name was officially changed to the Spokane Racquet Club.

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Continued Expansion

Since the initial construction, we have expanded to include the upper clubhouse, four more outdoor courts, four indoor courts plus facilities, and some additional acreage. 

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Great Times, Good Memories

For decades, our club has been home to many Spokane families, visitors, and athletes, including: singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers (left second from left), actor Eric Braeden (below, far left), tennis professional Julie Harrington (below, second from left), and two-time NCAA Doubles Champion Maya Jansen.

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