SRC Grievance Policy

At Spokane Racquet Club, there are certain core values we expect to be maintained by our staff and our members. Chief among those  is respect for others,  equal treatment, and application of club rules to everyone.   To that end The Board of Trustees believes there should be a firm commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that is positive, respectful, and uniform. This policy is therefore being implemented as a tool for members to register formal complaints, when behavior of any staff, member or guest is harmful, offensive, intimidating, or unsafe.  It  also provides a means to bring  violations of SRC rules and or policies/procedures, as well as safety issues to our attention so they may be addressed.

All complaints will be treated seriously and investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially.   

Informal Procedure for a Grievance/Complaint:

            - Discuss your grievance face to face with the  individuals involved.  Avoid emails,  gossiping, and hearsay about the situation with others at the club. If a satisfactory solution is not possible, then you can initiate the formal Grievance Procedure. 

Formal Grievance Procedure:

1. Fill out the SRC Formal Grievance Procedure form. Be as detailed as possible, but limit documentation only to the grievance. 

2. Email the form to the SRC Board Grievance Committee at

3. You will be contacted By the SRC Grievance Committee within 3-7 days after submitting your concern. If additional information is required you may be asked to meet with us in person or by phone, prior to the committee making a recommendation on how to best resolve the complaint.

4. The SRC Grievance Committee will review all information provided by relevant parties related to the grievance, and will make a recommendation to the board based on SRC Policies, Procedures, and Bylaws. Recommendations available to the Grievance Committee, range from no formal action required , to one of the following::

            1) Reprimand/Warn as to future conduct/probation

            2) Suspension of SRC membership

            3) Expelled from SRC membership


***The SRC Grievance Committee will include not less than two SRC Board members, one of which will be the Chairperson of the committee.  The committee will also have not less than two non-board SRC members (the non-board members will be voted onto the Grievance Committee by a formal vote from SRC members) with a maximum of six members.  The term served on this committee will be one year.

***To serve on the Grievance Committee:  The SRC member must not have been disciplined for a  grievance/SRC policy violation in the last three years. If a member of the Grievance committee has a family member who has a formal complaint filed against them, the committee member will not be allowed to be involved in the grievance procedure (this includes sons and daughters, wives and husbands, significant others, grandparents, etc).

***Once the grievance process begins, the individual/s involved in the grievance may write a letter to the grievance committee to provide additional information they believe is relevant.

***The final decision on how to resolve the conflict will be made by the SRC Board of Trustees. The decision will be binding and no appeal will be allowed, unless significant new information is provided, and the board agrees reconsideration is warranted.