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At Spokane Racquet Club (SRC), we are proud to offer an elite junior tennis program that is second to none. Our program is designed to nurture young talents and elevate their game to the highest levels of competitive tennis. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to fostering the champions of tomorrow, SRC is the ultimate destination for aspiring junior tennis players.


Our Elite Junior Pro: Coach Andy Jansen
Meet Coach Andy Jansen, our esteemed Elite Level Junior Tennis Professional, who brings over 22 years of coaching experience at SRC. Coach Andy's track record speaks for itself. He has not only coached numerous players from their very first day on the court but has also guided them to the pinnacle of tennis success. His coaching expertise has seen players go on to compete at the NCAA Div-1 level, participate in the U.S. Open, and secure national NCAA doubles championships.

Coach Andy has successfully sent his proteges to prestigious universities and colleges, including Bama, UCLA, WSU, Berkely, Ferris St., St. Mary's University of Oregon, Biola, Yale, Dixie St., Aquinas College, Purdue, Dartmouth, and Columbia. His dedication and knowledge make him a cornerstone of our elite youth program.


Unleash Your Potential
Our elite youth program at SRC offers a unique opportunity for aspiring junior tennis players to receive top-tier coaching and mentorship. We provide the perfect environment for young talents to grow, improve their skills, and reach their full potential. Whether you dream of competing at the highest college levels or have your sights set on professional tennis, our program is tailored to help you achieve your goals.


With a strong emphasis on technical proficiency, mental fortitude, and strategic gameplay, our elite junior program prepares you for the challenges of competitive tennis. We believe that excellence on the court is only part of the equation. Our holistic approach also nurtures sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth.


Contact Coach Andy Jansen
Ready to take your tennis journey to the next level? Contact Coach Andy Jansen, our Elite Level Junior Tennis Professional, for additional information, guidance, and to discuss how our elite youth program can help you achieve your tennis aspirations.

Phone: 509-995-0322


Join us at SRC, where champions are crafted, and dreams are realized. Elevate your game and become a part of our legacy of excellence in junior tennis.

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