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Discover the joy of tennis camaraderie through our Club Groups! Join in, meet fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy some fantastic tennis together. It's more than just a game; it's an opportunity to build lasting friendships while perfecting your skills on the court.


Ladies League

Tuesday 9:30 am / cost $2 for new balls 

Email Mayrene Bickmore or add your name to the list on the wall in the Pro Shop to join. All levels welcome. It is a win the court move up group.


Singles League

Wednesday 8pm / no cost

Kahn runs the group. Drop in group. No sign up required.


Ladies Night Doubles

Thursday 5pm / no cost

Email Diane Tunnell to join.

Rotation of partners during play.


Men’s Doubles League

Thursday 8pm cost $2 for new balls

Email to join. 

All levels welcome. It is a win the court move up group.


Doubles 3.5+

Saturday mornings 7:30-9:30 am / no cost

Email Bryan Osborn at to join the group.


Morning Doubles 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 8-9:30am

Email Patty Beeler at to join the group.

Got questions?

Call our Pro Shop at 509-535-1239 to get connected and learn more.

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